Monday, December 3, 2018

Lesson Form The Mother Hen

Lessons from the HEN:
1. She first lays enough eggs before sitting on them: GOOD PLANNING.

What is your plan for the new year and what are those ones that you planned for this year. 

How far have you made good your new year resolution that you made at the beginning of the year. 

Failure to plan is inevitably planning to fail although nobody actually plans to fail 

2. When she starts sitting on her eggs, she minimizes movement: DISCIPLINE.. 

Disciple is very important to the successful in life. There are something that you did as bachelor that you cannot do now as a married young man. So newly married young men cannot disciplined themselves as still go out to pepper soup joint even when they have wives at home who can prepare a delecious delicacy for them 

3. She physically loses weight while sitting on her eggs due to decreased feeding: SACRIFICE and SELF DENIAL

We need to denial ourselves some things in order to succeed in life. We have to let go some fun and pleasure that are not reproductive in life . If the mother hen becomes excessily fat and heavy during the period of trying to incubate the eggs, she may crack crack some eggs 🥚 before they are finally hatched. Therfore we need to get that saving up and going, we need to hit the gym, we need to do that fasting if those are the self denials that we need in order to achieve our goal. 

4. She can sit on eggs from another hen: INDISCRIMINATE and GENEROUS.

Who have you helped indiscriminately and generously of recent without actually expecting something back in return. She does not discriminate to nurture into life other eggs 

5. She sits on her eggs for 21 days, patiently waiting and even if they don't hatch she will still lay eggs again: FAITH, HOPE and COURAGE.

6. She detects unfertilized eggs and rolls them out: SENSITIVE and DISCERNING.

7. She abandons the rotten eggs and starts caring for the hatched chicks even if it is only one: WISE, CONSCIOUS and REALISTIC.

8. No one can touch her chick: PROTECTIVE LOVE.

9. She gathers all her Chicks together: UNITY of PURPOSE.
10. She doesn't abandon her chicks before they mature: MENTORING

Live your dreams, one day they shall hatch and you shall see them grow. Good day and av a peaceful day Ahead........

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