Nursery 2 First Term English


Read the passage and answer the questions
We have different types of rainfall in Nigeria. This is seen in the way they fall in the three main parts of the country. One part is the far North. It is a large area of land with few plants and little water. The weather is usually dry. It has a rainfall level of less than 20inches a year. Some towns in this part are Sokoto, Katsina, Jigawa, Yobe and Borno.
Another part is the far South where it rains a lot. Some towns in the part are Port Harcourt, Calabar, Warri, Aba and Umuahia. These places have rainfall level of 60 – 80 inches a year.
The third part is between the far North and far South. Some of the towns in the part are Jos, Abuja, Lokoja and Ilorin. The rainfall here is not as heavy as in the far south. This third part has between 20 and 60 inches of rainfall.

1.)How many types of rainfall do we have in Nigeria? ____________________________

2) In which part is Yobe? ___________________________________________________

3) What is the level of rainfall in Abuja? _______________________________________

4)What is the level of rainfall in Umuahia? _____________________________________

5)In which of the parts is the greatest amount of rainfall? __________________________

6)Write eight correct sentences from the following table


Present  Past Simple

Scissors red pen injection chalk comb
needle cement dryer sand 

Pick from the list above, two things used for the following jobs
Building _________________________ _________________________
Teaching _________________________ _________________________
Hair dressing ______________________ _________________________
Tailoring _________________________ _________________________

Use the appropriate word from the box to fill in each space

Deaf promised blind supper December country 

____________ is the last month of the year
________________ is the meal at night
A person who cannot see is _____________
Nigeria is the name of a _________________________
A person who cannot hear anything is _______________________
If you say you will definitely do something, you have _____________________

Singular Plural

Complete the words
Pri __ __ ry (d) Medi __ __ __ e (g) Bea __ __ __ ful
Re __ __ rter (e) B __ i __ d (h) S __ __ urday
F __ rm __ r (f) P __ rr __ t (i) Janu __ __ y

Underline the verbs in the following sentences
They made a cage for the parrot
A dove flew into the room
Laraba was sleeping and dreaming about her brother
He sometimes sews with needle and thread
Musa is standing in front of his brother

Make a sentence with each of the following words
Doctor ______________________________________________________________
Parrot ______________________________________________________________
School ______________________________________________________________
Nigeria ______________________________________________________________
Blind ______________________________________________________________

Complete this summary
The name of my school is ___________________________________________________ 16 Igbosere Road, Lagos Island. The colour of my school uniform is _________________ and ___________________. The name of my class teacher is ______________________. I like my _______________________________
It is

It is not

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