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Thursday, December 20, 2018

The Exalted Names of Jesus

He is..... 

1. The Resurrection and Life 

2. The Son of Righteousness 

3. The Son of The Most High God 

4. The Man of War 

5. The Holy one of Isreal 

6. The Bishop Of Our Soul 

7. The Strength of Isreal 

8. The Compassionate God 

9. The Long suffering God

10. The First Born of All Creation 

11. The Heir Of All Things 

12. The Radiance of God's Glory 

13. The Word 

14. The Word of God 

15. The Beloved of the Father 

16. The " I Am" 

17. The Life and Atonement 

18. The Firm Foundation of Zion 

19. The Guarantee of a better Convenant 

20. The banner for the people 

22. The Leader and the commander of our army 

23. The desire of all nations 

24.The horn of our salvation. 

25.The Healer 

26 The Baptizer 

27. The Soon Coming King 

.28. The Judge. 

29. The Prince of Peace. 

30. Emmanuel. 

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