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Sunday, December 30, 2018

Year 7. English and French Languages Homework

DATE OF SUBMISSION: 7TH OF JANUARY 2019 CLASS: YEAR 7 A. ENGLISH STUDIES/FRENCH LANGUAGE Instruction: Make 10 flashcards of 20cm x 20cm and an envelope using cardboard. Pick 10 new words of 10 letters each. Perform the following tasks in English and French Languages on both sides of the cards: a. Word 1/2 mark b. Meaning of the word 1/2 mark c. Make a sentence with the word 1/2 mark d. Neatness of work 1/2 mark Rubrics: • 2 marks per card x 10 cards Total: 20 marks Note: • Write your chosen English word on one side of the card and its French equivalent on the other. • If the ten-letter English word is more or less in French, do not worry. An example is: ‘Dictionary’- ‘Dictionnaire’ • Grammatical errors will be penalised. B. CIVIC EDUCATION/CHRISTIAN RELIGIOUS KNOWLEDGE Instructions: Answer all questions in your test and assignment notebook. a. Define Service? 2 marks b. Mention any FOUR biblical characters that rendered faithful services to their community. 4 marks c. Mention any FOUR outstanding women who made similar contributions towards the development of their respective countries in West Africa. 4 marks d. Mention any FOUR areas that quality services have been neglected in your country. 4 marks e. Explain any SIX consequences of non- performance of obligations. 6 marks Total = 20 marks. C. BUSINESS STUDIES/MATHEMATICS. Instruction: Answer number 1 in your Business Studies Test and Assignment note and number 2 on a plain paper. 1. a) What are miscellaneous costs 1 mark b) Highlight four ways a business man/woman can follow a budget strictly. 4 marks c) Explain five benefits of budgeting to a Business man/woman. 5 marks 2. The table below shows the budget estimation of Ado-Odo/Ota Local Government Authority for 2019. ITEMS AMOUNT (MILLIONS) ANGLE OF SECTOR. AGRICULTURE 70 EDUCATION 110 HEALTH 60 WATER SUPPLY 30 TRANSPORTATION 80 OTHERS 50 TOTAL a. Copy and complete the table above. 6 marks b. Represent this budget in a pie chart. 4 marks Total: 20 marks

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