Conditions Which Must be Met by Foreigners Before They Can Become Nigerian Citizens

Subject : Civic Education

Class : Basic Six 

Topic : Conditions which foreigners must comply with before becoming Nigerian Citizens.

Ref Book : Civic Education For Nigeria Primary School. Book six.

Behavioural Objectives : At the end of the lesson pupils should be able to 

  • Define who a foreigner is 
  • Where these people that are now called foreigners originally lived 
  • Give reasons why we have foreigners living among us 
  • Say those conditions that must be met by foreigners before they can become Nigerian citizens. 

Content : A foreigner is a person that comes from another country to live with us in our own country. For example, people tho have come from Canada🇨🇦, England, The United States, Germany, Ghana are all foreigners if they have all decided to settle down in Nigeria..

Why Are Foreigners Living Among Us :

  1. For economic reasons because they are looking for better job oopoetunites. 
  2. For evangelism because some of them came to spread the gospel as missionary and they decided to be living with us 
  3. They came to share thier technical expertise and knowledge with us as we can see some of them helping us to build roads and bridges. 
  4. Some other people can to Nigeria for tourism. They are fun loving people that love to visit places and people for fun 
  5. Some other foreigners came to live in Nigeria because they are on mission such as international police or interpol. 
  6. Some are foreigners in our country because they are representing the interest of thier own countries in another person's country. They are ambassadors of thier countries in another countries. 

Conditions That Must Be Met By Foreigners Before They Can Become Nigerian Citizens 

  1. HHe or she must be law abiding 
  2. He or she must be of good character 
  3. He or she must not be a criminal 
  4. He or she must be an adult with a decent means of livelihood 
  5. He or she must have been living in Nigeria for more than fifteen years without any criminal record 
  6. He or she must accept and show respect for Nigerian culture. 

Presentation : The topic is presented step by step  

Step 1️⃣: The teacher révisés the previous topics

Step2️⃣ : He or she introduces the new topic 

Step 3️⃣ : He or she allow the pupils to give their own contributions and he or she corrects them when the need arises.

Evaluation : Write out any four National honours that are given out to eligible and distinguished members of Nigerian citizens. 

Conclusion : The teacher gives a brief note and he or she goes round to mark. He or she does the necessary correction.

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