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Friday, January 4, 2019

First Term Examination basic 2. 2018/2019 Academic Year

ISLAND BUILDERS BAPTIST SCHOOL (NURSERY & PRIMARY) 15, TAPA STREET, OFF FREEMAN, LAGOS FIRST TERM EXAMINATION 2018/2019 CLASS: PRIMARY 2 SUBJECT: CREATIVE ART NAME:………………………………………………………………………………... _________________ can be defined as any object that has a flat outline made from lines (a) sharp (b) shape (c) design Triangle, oval, cone, square, circle, rectangle are examples of shapes true (b) false (c) maybe _______________ is the course of a story comparing a series of incidents which are gradually unfolded (a) plot (b) story (c) script The people involved in the action of a story are called ________ theme (b) plot (c) characters A subject of a talk or an artistic piece is ________ (a) design (b) theme (c) menu ________ is when an actor/actress acts a play on a stage dramatization (b) melody (c) setting ________ is a special party done by people to celebrate culture and religions of a community (a) traditional festival (b) traditional principle (c) dramatic tradition There are ________ kinds of traditional festivals (a) 4 (b) 3 (c) 2 Is it good to participate in traditional festivals (a) yes (b) no (c) I don’t know ________ can be defined as hand made goods or things (a) craft (b) fabric (c) crayon Section B: Colour the object with green and name it ISLAND BUILDERS BAPTIST SCHOOL (NURSERY & PRIMARY) 15, TAPA STREET, OFF FREEMAN, LAGOS FIRST TERM EXAMINATION 2018/2019 CLASS: PRIMARY 2 SUBJECT: QUANTITATIVE REASONING NAME:………………………………………………………………………………... Write out the smallest numbers in the group 1.) 522 800 600 400 = _________________ 2.) 215 415 725 614 = _________________ 3.) 700 500 300 400 = _________________ 4.) 658 126 902 816 = _________________ 5.) 387 644 277 538 = _________________ Place Value Example: - 5 3 T U 6.) 3 5 T U (7.) 4 2 T U (8.) 4 9 T U Subtraction: Examples: 9.) (10.) (11.) Examples: 12.) (13.) 14.) (15.) Examples: 16.) (17.) (18.) (19.) (20.) Order of Numbers Re-arrange in order, starting from the smallest 21.) 120, 118, 116, 119, 117 ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ 22.) 368, 364, 367, 366, 365 ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ 23.) 226, 222, 224, 223, 225 ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ 24.) 503, 504, 501, 505, 502 ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ 25.) 724, 721, 723, 722, 725 ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ Example: 26.) (27.) (28.) 29.) (30.) ISLAND BUILDERS BAPTIST SCHOOL (NURSERY & PRIMARY) 15, TAPA STREET, OFF FREEMAN, LAGOS FIRST TERM EXAMINATION 2018/2019 CLASS: PRIMARY 2 SUBJECT: MATHEMATICS NAME:………………………………………………………………………………... Write in words 302 (a) three hundred and two (b) two hundred and four (c) three hundred and twenty Write in figure six hundreds and twenty-five (a) 265 (b) 652 (c) 625 Find ½ of 20 = (a) 15 (b) 10 (c) 5 Find ¼ of 36 = (a) 10 (b) 5 (c) 9 ¾ of 28 = (a) 21 (b) 24 (c) 20 Write in figure: Three hundred and fifty nine (a) 349 (b) 359 (c) 936 Write in words 450 (a) four hundred and forty-five (b) four fifty (c) four hundred and fifty Shade and write the fraction of one-quarters (1/4) of the above diagram Write the place value of the circled numbers 3 2 0 (a) hundreds (b) tens (c) units 1 8 4 (a) tens (b) units (c) hundred 4 + 9 + 8 = (a) 31 (b) 12 (c) 21 11 + 19 + 6 = (a) 45 (b) 36 (c) 51 3 7 + 1 2 (a) 49 (b) 69 (c) 94 2 4 3 + 8 5 1 (a) 1094 (b) 994 (c) 894 2 6 2 + 3 0 2 (a) 464 (b) 564 (c) 465 4 7 – 2 9 (a) 18 (b) 81 (c) 21 3 x 11 = (a) 63 (b) 33 (c) 27 5 9 – 4 3 (a) 16 (b) 61 (c) 32 3 x 7 = (a) 24 (b) 31 (c) 21 1 2 x 4 (a) 58 (b) 48 (c) 68 Section B Add fifteen pencils, twelve pencils and eleven pencils altogether. b.) Find the sum of three hundred and fifty mangoes and one hundred and twenty mangoes. James spent N38 out of N80 that he had. How much does he have left? b.) In a basket there are 74 apples, 12 of the apples were eaten yesterday. How many apples do we have left in the basket today? From 73 take-away 36 b.) A goat has 4 legs, 5 goats will have _________________ A duck has 2 legs, 8 ducks will have ____________ b.) 1 pack of lipton cost N10. 3 packs of lipton will cost? ½ of 32 = b.) ¼ of 24 = ISLAND BUILDERS BAPTIST SCHOOL (NURSERY & PRIMARY) 15, TAPA STREET, OFF FREEMAN, LAGOS FIRST TERM EXAMINATION 2018/2019 CLASS: PRIMARY 2 SUBJECT: VERBAL REASONING NAME:………………………………………………………………………………... Instruction: Answer all questions Count and write the number of vowels in these words Examples: groundnut = o, u, u = 3 box = o = 1 Microphone = Lawyer = Accommodate = Headache = Trader = Write out three words that has a vowel as a beginning letter Example: egg ____________________ ____________________ ____________________ Complete these words using any of these consonants in the box below g, s, y, d ____hop Building____ Bod____ ____en Choose the correct article for these words Example: boy egg Elephant ________ (15.) Daughter ________ Archard _________ (16.) garage _________ Count, underline and write the number of consonants in these words Example: S H R I N E = 4 17.) SPRAY = ____________ 18.) PRESERVATION = ____________ 19.) FRIDGE = ____________ 20.) PATIENTS = ____________ Pairing the alphabet Example: GHI JKL MNO PQR BCD EFG ______________ _______________ DEF GHI ______________ _______________ LMN OPQ ______________ _______________ IJK LMN ______________ _______________ HIJ KLM ______________ _______________ Underline the word(s) that ended with a consonant Example: goat tree two garden Brave bride greet stress Would Nigeria die many Invite young police tent Body some which name Climbed crayon skate twine ISLAND BUILDERS BAPTIST SCHOOL (NURSERY & PRIMARY) 15, TAPA STREET, OFF FREEMAN, LAGOS FIRST TERM EXAMINATION 2018/2019 CLASS: PRIMARY 2 SUBJECT: CIVIC EDUCATION NAME:………………………………………………………………………………... Civic education is important for national _____________ (a) destruction (b) development (c) discussion ____________ and _____________ are the ‘dos’ and don’ts’ that guide the behavior of pupils (a) rules and regulation (b) ruler and regular (c) book and biro All the followings are rules and regulations of the school except _________ punctuality (b) regularity (c) lateness One of the following is a way of obeying school rules and regulations (a) pupils must come late to school (b) pupils must attend classes always (c) pupils must not dress well at all times A pupils who disobey the school rule and regulations gets _______ (a) punishment (b) reward (c) books Civic education teaches us about our country, rights and responsibility True (b) False (c) Maybe A group of people living together (a) hostel (b) hospital (c) community Punctuality means ____________ (a) doing your home-work (b) coming to school early (c) coming to school late There are ___________ types of community (a) four (b) three (c) two A ________________ is a pupil chosen to help the teacher to perform certain duties in the class (a) class monitor (b) television (c) computer A class monitor must be ____________ (a) hard working (b) lazy (c) foolish Which of these is not a rule of a community (a) obedience (b) orderliness (c) disrespect Obeying school rules and regulations helps us to be successful (a) yes (b) No (c) I don’t know There are _____________ states in Nigeria (a) 56 (b) 46 (c) 36 How many local government do we have in Lagos State (a) 20 (b) 40 (c) 30 One of the ways of rewarding a class monitor are __________ except (a) he is being presented with prizes (b) he receives award (c) he receives punishment Neatness means appearing in a _______ and _______ uniform (a) rough and dirty (b) tidy and clean (c) dirty and worn out A good class monitor must obey school rules and regulations (a) yes (b) no Our rights are the things we are expected to do for our country (a) yes (b) no (c) maybe Civic education brings about peace and order in the society (a) yes (b) no (c) maybe Section B Mention four qualities of a class monitor (a) ______________________________ (b) ________________________________ (c) ______________________________ (d) ________________________________ List three ways of obeying school rules and regulations (a) ______________________________ (b) ________________________________ (c) ______________________________ b.) List the two types of community (a) ______________________________ (b) ________________________________ List four importance of civic education (a) ______________________________ (b) ________________________________ (c) ______________________________ (d) ________________________________ State four rules and regulations of your school (a) ______________________________ (b) ________________________________ (c) ______________________________ (d) ________________________________ List three reasons why we choose class monitor (a) ______________________________ (b) ________________________________ (c) ______________________________ List four duties of class monitor (a) ______________________________ (b) ________________________________ (c) ______________________________ (d) ________________________________ ISLAND BUILDERS BAPTIST SCHOOL (NURSERY & PRIMARY) 15, TAPA STREET, OFF FREEMAN, LAGOS FIRST TERM EXAMINATION 2018/2019 CLASS: PRIMARY 2 SUBJECT: SOCIAL STUDIES NAME:………………………………………………………………………………... __________ are groups of people which share the same culture (a) ethnic groups (b) common groups (c) party groups There are over ________________ ethnic groups in Nigeria (a) 200 (b) 300 (c) 400 There are majorly _____________ ethnic groups in Nigeria (a) 3 (b) 4 (c) 5 Who is Olodumare? (a) the ruler (b) the kingdom (c) the creator Who did Olodumare sent down the chain(a) Oromiyan (b) Oduduwa (c) Eesu Oduduwa was sent with _______, _______ and ______ (a) groundnut, cockroaches and water (b) walnut, hen and water (c) a cock, some sand and a palm kernel The palm kernel grew into a big tree with ___________ branches (a) 14 (b) 17 (c) 16 Bayajidda was a prince in a place called ______ (a) Bawo (b) Baghdad (c) Katsina The grant snake preventing people from fetching water from the only well in the city is called ________ (a) sarki (b) smoke (c) serki _____________ is a city in Katsina State (a) Gobir (b) Rawo (c) Daura Byajidda and Queen of Daura had a son whom they named _______ (a) Bawo (b) Rano (c) Biram The Igbos came all the way from _______ (a) Arab (b) Israel (c) London The Igbos settled in south-east called the ______ (a) middle south (b) middle north (c) middle east The Yoruba woman wears _______, _____ and ______ (a) iro, buba and gele (b) buba, sokoto and fila (c) buba, George and scarf Amala ewedu are cultural food for the Yorubas (a) yes (b) no (c) maybe Akpu and Onubu are cultural food for the Igbos (a) no (b) maybe (c) yes Tuwo shikafa and miyan kubewa are cultural food for the _______ (a) Igbos (b) Hausas (c) Yorubas It is good to show respect for elders (a) yes (b) no (c) maybe The official language in Nigeria is _____ (a) Spanish (b) French (c) English There are more than _____ languages spoken in Nigeria (a) 500 (b) 600 (c) 200 Section B Who is the father of the Yoruba __________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ Where did he come from? _______________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ Who is the father of the Hausa? __________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ b.) Where did he come from? _______________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ Mention five Yoruba states? (a) ______________________________ (b) ________________________________ (c) ______________________________ (d) ________________________________ (e) ______________________________ Mention the three types of religions and their places of worship (a) ______________________________ (b) ________________________________ (c) ______________________________ What is religion _______________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ ISLAND BUILDERS BAPTIST SCHOOL (NURSERY & PRIMARY) 15, TAPA STREET, OFF FREEMAN, LAGOS FIRST TERM EXAMINATION 2018/2019 CLASS: PRIMARY 2 SUBJECT: BIBLE KNOWLEDGE NAME:………………………………………………………………………………... Section A: Answer all questions Prayer means __________ (a) talking to God (b) crying to God (c) shouting to God Why do we pray? (a) to receive answers from God (b) to destroy (c) to disobey Who is a man of prayer? (a) David (b) Jesus (c) Devil When we confess our sin, we are asking God to ___ us (a) forgive (b) provide (c) beat Jesus raised Lazarus from dead after _______ days (a) 10days (b) 4 days (c) 2 days It is good to be tired of prayer (a) true (b) false Hannah gave birth to a child named _____ (a) Matthew (b) Joshua (c) Samuel __________ is the friend of Jesus Christ (a) Lazarus (b) Peter (c) Solomon We pray for all these except (a) protection (b) guidance (c) disobedience Prayer makes us close to God (a) yes (b) no God set Paul and Silas free from __________ (a) home (b) church (c) prison When do we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ (a) December 25th (b) January 25th (c) June 25th ________ is the name of the angel God sent to Mary that she would be pregnant (a) Angel Samson (b) Angel Gabriel (c) Angel John Jesus means __________________ (a) savior (b) father (c) pastor Jesus Christ was born in _____________ (a) Egypt (b) Bethlehem (c) Galilee Who came to visit Jesus Christ when he was born (a) three fat men (b) three wise men (c) three foolish men _________ is one of the disciples of Jesus Christ (a) David (b) Matthew (c) Gabriel Jesus had ________ disciples (a) 10 (b) 12 (c) 15 God made us in His own image (a) true (b) false Emmanuel means __________________ (a) God with us (b) Judas with us (c) Goliath with us Section B Write three things we can pray for (a) ______________________________ (b) ________________________________ (c) ______________________________ List two types of prayer (a) ______________________________ (b) ________________________________ Mention three disciples of Jesus Christ (a) ______________________________ (b) ________________________________ (c) ______________________________ List two things God created (a) ______________________________ (b) ________________________________ Jesus was born in a _________________________________________ ISLAND BUILDERS BAPTIST SCHOOL (NURSERY & PRIMARY) 15, TAPA STREET, OFF FREEMAN, LAGOS FIRST TERM EXAMINATION 2018/2019 CLASS: PRIMARY 2 SUBJECT: ENGLISH LANGUAGE NAME:………………………………………………………………………………... Comprehension Tope wanted to travel by bus to Jos. At the park, he found two buses taking on passengers at the same time. Both buses were going to Jos. He didn’t know which bus to take. He went to one of the driver and asked whether the bus would stop at Lokoja. There was a restaurant in Lokoja where delicious dishes were prepared and he wanted to stop there during his journey to eat. He also wanted to buy some potatoes for his mother. The driver promised to stop briefly at Lokoja. Tope joined other people sitting on the benches waiting to go by bus. He gave the driver his bags and paid his fare. At Lokoja, the first thing Tope did was buy some potatoes for his mother, and then he ran down to the canteen to eat his favourite dish. Answer the questions Where was Tope traveling to? (a) Abuja (b) Lagos (c) Jos How many buses were about to go at the same time (a) four (b) two (c) three Where were they traveling to? (a) Lokoja (b) Jos (c) Sokoto Why did Tope want to stop at Lokoja? (a) He wants to eat (b) He wants to sleep (c) He wants to work What did Tope do in Lokoja? (a) He bought some banana for his mother (b) He bought some yam for his mother (c) He bought some potatoes for his mother. English Grammar Section B: Fill in the blanks with the correct personal pronouns Lara has gone home. _________________________ went home by bus. Adamu and Yusuf are brothers. _______________________ stay near my house. I saw a cat in the drain. __________________________ was wet and dirty Ola is my friend. ___________________________ likes to play basketball. Both the sisters look alike but ___________________________ are not twins A _______________________ is a baby chicken A ____________________ is a baby cat A ______________________ is a baby dog A ________________________ is a baby goat A _____________________ is a baby frog Literature (Diamond Forever) Awele woke up feeling _________________ early that morning (a) happy (b) sleepy (c) sore Why did Awele breathe deeply (a) She was afraid (b) she got an idea (c) hear friend had gone When did Awele’s friend come to her house? (a) after lunch (b) at breakfast (c) after breakfast Awele was _______________ having her friend around (a) happy (b) bored (c) sad The old man ____________________ Awele to keep her voice low forced (b) advised (c) bribed Composition: Myself My name is ________________________________________________________ I am _____________ years old I am in primary ___________________________ The name of my school is _____________________________________________ I am ________________________ in complexion My parents are Mr. and Mrs. ________________________________________________ My best food is ______________________________________________________ The name of my best friend is __________________________________________ I would like to be a ____________________________ in future ISLAND BUILDERS BAPTIST SCHOOL (NURSERY & PRIMARY) 15, TAPA STREET, OFF FREEMAN, LAGOS FIRST TERM EXAMINATION 2018/2019 CLASS: PRIMARY 2 SUBJECT: AGRICULTURAL SCIENCE NAME:………………………………………………………………………………... Basic farm tools are used by __________ (a) mechanic (b) farmer (c) electrician How many types of basic farm tools do we have? (a) 3 (b) 4 (c) 2 Simple farm tools are used to cultivate _____ are (a) small (b) large (c) wide Modern tools are very _______ (a) cheap (b) pretty (c) expensive ___________ is used for planting seeds (a) Harrow (b) Planter (c) Plough ___________ is used to break large stones (a) harrow (b) plough (c) axe Can we use cutlass to carry load? (a) Yes (b) No (c) Maybe ________ is used to wet flower (a) watering can (b) hoe (c) cup Modern tools are also called _______ (a) shovel (b) rake (c) farm machinery ___________ is used for digging hole on the farm (a) cutting tool (b) washing tool (c) digging tool Cutting tool can also be used to dig on the farm (a) true (b) false _____________ is used for carrying farm produce (a) wheel barrow (b) spade (c) watering can Tools should be washed after use (a) true (b) false A farm tool used for turning soil is called ______ (a) wheel barrow (b) plough (c) digger Do we need to sharpen the cutting edge of tool (a) yes (b) no We smear ____________ to avoid rusting (a) water (b) oil (c) kerosene Farmers plant crops and rear _______ (a) insects (b) trees (c) animals Farmers takes care of wild animals (a) true (b) false Which crop is a cash crop (a) rubber (b) cassava (c) watermelon Digging tools can also be used to cut wood (a) yes (b) no Section B Mention any three simple farm tools (a) ______________________________ (b) ________________________________ (c) ______________________________ Mention two cash crops (a) ______________________________ (b) ________________________________ Name two animals farmers rears (a) ______________________________ (b) ________________________________ List two objects that can be cut with a cutlass (a) ______________________________ (b) ________________________________ What colour is a loamy soil ____________________________________________ ISLAND BUILDERS BAPTIST SCHOOL (NURSERY & PRIMARY) 15, TAPA STREET, OFF FREEMAN, LAGOS FIRST TERM EXAMINATION 2018/2019 CLASS: PRIMARY 2 SUBJECT: HOME ECONOMICS NAME:………………………………………………………………………………... __________ is a physical activity that we do always to keep our body in good health (a) drinking (b) exercise (c) fighting Is dancing an exercise (a) yes (b) no Exercise helps the body to keep fit and ________ (a) lazy (b) weak (c) strong ______ is a state of relaxation (a) rest (b) lazy (c) eat It is good to fold our legs when sleeping (a) true (b) false Body building food is also known as _______ (a) carbohydrate (b) water (c) protein Yam, cassava and rice gives us ________ (a) vitamin (b) mineral (c) carbohydrate Is fruit a food (a) yes (b) no Which food gives us energy (a) mineral (b) vitamin (c) carbohydrate We can sleep on the following object except ________ (a) mat (b) stone (c) mattress _________ is the natural state of rest in which the eyes are shut / closed Balanced diet is also known as an ______________ (a) poor diet (b) worst diet (c) adequate diet It is always good to use mosquito net when sleeping (a) yes (b) no We eat ________ to grow strong and healthy (a) food (b) sweet (c) biscuit A place where we live is called ________ (a) street (b) home (c) church When do we eat dinner (a) afternoon (b) morning (c) night We placed our head on the _______ when sleeping (a) chair (b) bench (c) pillow Balanced diet make us grow _______ (a) dirty (b) well (c) hungry It is good to rest and sleep (a) true (b) false __________ is a place where visitors are received or entertained (a) kitchen (b) sitting room (c) bathroom Section B: List three types of exercise you know (a) ______________________________ (b) ________________________________ (c) ______________________________ Mention two objects we sleep on (a) ______________________________ (b) ________________________________ Name three types of food that you know (a) ______________________________ (b) ________________________________ (c) ______________________________ What is a home ________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ List two food that contains proteins (a) ______________________________ (b) ________________________________ ISLAND BUILDERS BAPTIST SCHOOL (NURSERY & PRIMARY) 15, TAPA STREET, OFF FREEMAN, LAGOS FIRST TERM EXAMINATION 2018/2019 CLASS: PRIMARY 2 SUBJECT: VOCATIONAL APTITUDE NAME:………………………………………………………………………………... Another name for vocational education is ____________ social education (b) civic education (c) technical education Which one is not a profession in medical vocation (a) farmer (b) doctor (c) nurse Which of these flies an aircraft? (a) lawyer (b) driver (c) pilot A place of work is the same as workplace (a) True (b) False (c) Maybe ___________ works in a pharmacy (a) pharmacist (b) chemist (c) farmer We work to earn a living (a) true (b) false The following work in a studio except__ (a) lawyer (b) photographer (c) broadcaster Teaching is the vocation of teacher (a) true (b) false The head of a primary school is called ______ (a) headmistress/headmaster (b) class captain (c) lawyer The following are tools used by a teacher except ___ (a) key (b) chalk (c) blackboard Teacher helps in child upbringing (a) True (b) False Banker keeps the following except ______ (a) money (b) gold (c) yam ___________ is a game or competition where people use energy farming (b) reading (c) sport An athlete works in _____________ (a) stadium (b) road (c) school A swimmer wears _________ (a) racquet (b) racket (c) swimming trunk The following are examples of sports except ____ (a) running (b) swimming (c) judo The person that catches fish is _______ (a) hunter (b) fisherman (c) farmer Fishing is an occupation (a) true (b) false ___ is a vocation for catching fish for a living (a) swimming (b) fishing (c) wrestling Pond is a place where fish can be done (a) true (b) false Section B Name two workplace of place of work that you know (a) ______________________________ (b) ________________________________ List three tools used by teacher (a) ______________________________ (b) ________________________________ (c) ______________________________ Give two examples of tool used in the bank (a) ______________________________ (b) ________________________________ Identify this object _______________________________ Mention two equipment used in sports (a) ______________________________ (b) ________________________________ ISLAND BUILDERS BAPTIST SCHOOL (NURSERY & PRIMARY) 15, TAPA STREET, OFF FREEMAN, LAGOS FIRST TERM EXAMINATION 2018/2019 CLASS: PRIMARY 2 SUBJECT: BASIC SCIENCE NAME:………………………………………………………………………………... Human body has ____________ sense organs (a) 8 (b) 9 (c) 5 The tongue is used for ____________ (a) feeling (b) seeing (c) tasting The sense organs makes us sensitive to our environment True (b) False (c) maybe The colour of leaves are __________ (a) blue (b) yellow (c) green Harmful substances are good for consumption (a) True (b) False (c) Maybe Match each harmful substance with its class Rotten egg medicine Expired tinned milk gas/air Contaminated syrup food Tear gas drinks The __________ holds and supports plant to the ground (a) ground (b) root (c) leaves ________________ carries the leaves and exposes them to sunlight (a) root (b) rain (c) stem Animals that are dangerous to us are called ________ (a) wild animals (b) domestic animals (c) gentle animals We can see ________ animals around us (a) gentle (b) jealous (c) domestic A sheep _______________ (a) sings (b) roars (c) bleats A dog _______________ (a) barks (b) crawl (c) sings Horses are kept in a _________________ (a) cage (b) house (c) stable The legs and arms are called _________ (a) limb (b) ankle (c) neck Without the knees, we would not be able to bend our legs (a) yes (b) no (c) maybe _________________ is the top covering of the earth (a) soil (b) sand (c) stone There are ______________ types of soil (a) 4 (b) 2 (c) 3 Section B What are harmful substances? ____________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Mention three harmful substances (a) ______________________________ (b) ________________________________ (c) ______________________________ Mention the five sense organs (a) ______________________________ (b) ________________________________ (c) ______________________________ (d) ________________________________ (e) ______________________________ List four effects of harmful substances (a) ______________________________ (b) ________________________________ (c) ______________________________ (d) ________________________________ List three classification of animals (a) ______________________________ (b) ________________________________ (c) ______________________________

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