Great Teachers, Great Pupils and Great Parents


*Great schools take their time to understand a parents need*

Dear life builder,

By knowing this Information, you will be armed with the skill to get into profitable Conversations with your parents.

Let us face it, dealing with parents can be pretty difficult.

what do I mean?

I once took an Inquiry of a parent, and through out the conversation she just kept frowning.

I kept wondering what the problem was.

So I tried to break her up so we could have a profitable Conversation

She opened up, and ended up smiling, and we had a good conversation

*She even told me how she hated the school uniform colour*

Thank God for that info

I handled it right there.

what exactly did I do to Break her up?

Just 2 little things...

I will tell you about it, but first you must know this


_If you have no patience with people, you have no business taking inquiry_

_If you cannot smile and answer your Parents questions You have no basinet taking inquiry_

_If you cannot answer "the seemingly stupid questions of your parents then you have no business ta king Inquiry"_


If you cannot handle your emotions when attending to parents

You know why?

My advice will be of no use to you if you don't have these qualities'

Are you still reading?


This means you are ready for what am about to say?


*So how do you get into a parent or how do you break through a parent's resistance even when they do not want to Communicate with you?*

you need to understand rules of communication to do this.

and what are they

(1) *Learn to AGREE with objections*

learning to agree with objections simply means. You sympathise with the way the parents feel on an issue

it does not really mean you agree on that issue

what do I mean by this?

If a parent says, your School fee is too expensive

do not get defensive, simply agree.

Funny right.... 


Here me out first

A practical example will be

I Agree with you that our school fee is quite expensive (Here is the agreement)

and I also know that there is no amount that is too Much When it comes to taking or care of your lovely children

Do you agree with me?

With this simple technique you have turned the focus of the conversation around.

I have a deeper training on this designed for the Inner Circle members

Yes, that reminds me. Inner circle open up from next week

Details will be made available by monday.

okay, the next rule of communication is

(2) *ASK Questions*

dear life builder,

Let me ask you some questions

Do you want to always direct the outcome of your Conversations?

Do you want to always uncover the reasons behind a parents decision?

Do you want to find out why a decision is been made?

Do you want to know the secret to doing all of these?

Pretty simple


That is the way to Uncover the needs of people.

*Don't Assume anything, ask everything*

at Inquiry ask questions that will help you uncover a parent's needs

Do you want me to give you examples of the questions?


1. why are you changing your Child's School.

2. why did you say the fee is expensive

3. If you could afford the fee, will you register

4. I showed you the Uniforms and your countenance changed, why? is there Something you don't like

I warned you!!!

l said if you are not patient enough you should not read any further.


You read it all the way down here yourself O

Should I continue?

okay , I heard you say yes.

Simply put.

learn to ask questions

They will help you Uncover parent's need

I know you have questions,


l will try my best to answer.

Next week we will get into attribute 4

This Attribute series is getting pretty interesting


Have a great weekend.

Till Monday

Stand Out

Teacher I.T

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