Practice Questions On Fundamental Human Rights

Practice questions on Human Right Activists in Nigeria.

Who is a human right activist.

What are human rights

Who was the first female human right activist that was the first woman to drive a car in Nigeria

Who was the human right activist that was hung for the just cause of the emancipation and freedom of the ogini people

Who was the human right activist that stopped the killing of the twins

Who was the Nigerian human right activist that was once the presidential candidate for the National Conscience Political Perry

Who was that radical vocal fundamental human right Nigeria activist whose mother was killed by UNKNOWN Soldier

Mention the name of that popular human right activist that owned a popular school in ogun state and a college of education was named after his name

He was very talented, vocal, outspoken, The Nobel Prize in Literature 1986 award winner, human right activist and a professor. Mention his name

Who is Hafsat Abiola?

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