English Primary Two second Term


CLASS: PRIMARY 2                                                         SUBJECT: ENGLISH LANGUAGE




Personal Hygiene

It is good to clean your mouth, teeth and tongue properly every day. This is to prevent mouth odour and tooth decay. Avoid sweets because they damage the teeth.


Clean your teeth with a tooth brush and toothpaste or with a chewing stick. Bring out your tongue and brush it too.


These are the material for cleaning the mouth, teeth and tongue.

-         Toothbrush

-         Toothpaste

-         Chewing Stick

-         Water

-         Salt

-         Ground charcoal or ash



1.)   Is it good to clean our mouth everyday? (a) yes       (b) no

2.)   With what can we clean our mouth? ____________, ___________ and ____________

3.)   Why do we have to clean our mouths?

(a) prevent mouth odour           (b) prevent eating     (c) prevent tasting

4.)   What can damage the teeth (a) fruit (b) sweet (c) drink

5.)   What should we use to wash our hands _______________ and _________________



Choose the correct simple present tense from the words given in the brackets to fill in the blanks


6.)   Mary _______________ ((a) liked (b) likes (c) liking) to ride the bicycle every evening.

7.)   Her father _______________ ((a) has (b) have (c) is) bought her a new bicycle.

8.)   Sometimes, Taiwo __________ in the parks ((a) plays (b) playing (c) play)

9.)   He always ______________ her things (a) misplaces (b) misplacing (c) misplacement

10.) Both of them ___________ riding on the bicycle (a) enjoying (b) enjoys (c) enjoy


Give the past tense form of the following words  

11.) Catch _________________________________

12.) finish ___________________________________

13.) write __________________________________


Fill in the blank with the present continuous tense of the verb given in the bracket

14.) Look! She _____________ (sweat) (a) are sweating (b) they sweating (c) is sweating

15.) The hungry children _________ (eat) in the canteen (a) is eating (b) are eating (c) was eating

16.) The baby _____________ (sleep) in the room (a) are sleeping (b) is sleeping (c) they sleeping

17.) They ______________ (go) to Ibadan (a) is going (b) are going (c) going


Fill in the blanks with the correct simple future tense

18.) She __________ her lunch after finishing her homework (a) eat (b) will eat (c) must eat

19.) I _______________ my grandparents in the village soon (a) shall visited (b) visit (c) visiting

20.) They ______ here when their parents leave for Japan (a) stayed (b) will stay (c) shall staying


Literature: Sabrina and The Prince

1.)   The death of Sabrina's parents made her _________ (a) a window (b) an outcast (c) an orphan

2.)   Sabrina Lived _____________ the village dwellers (a) among (b) faraway from (c) beside

3.)   Sabrina got her food from the following sources except _______

(a) her farmyard (b) the evil forest (c) the surrounding bushes

4.)   Why did Sabrina's late father decide to teach her how the mixtures were made? (a) because she asked to be taught (b) because she was very respectful (c) because she was eager to learn


5.)   The fruits in the farm yard were sweet (a) True (b) False



My best food is ____________________________________________

It is a __________________________________ giving food

It is very _________________________

I eat it _______________________________ times in a week

My _______________________________ cooks my best food

It makes my body ____________________________________

My _____________________ cooks my best food

The mode of preparing it is by ______________________________

It is a _______________________________ diet

I like my best food because it _______________________________



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