CLASS: PRIMARY 1                                                         SUBJECT: ENGLISH LANGUAGE



Section A: Comprehension

Instruction: Read the passage carefully and answer the questions

On Wednesday morning, I was going to school as usual. I left home at seven o'clock so as not to be late. A little girl suddenly tried to run across the road, but was hit by motorcycle. The girl had some cuts on her leg and it began to bleed. Many people who were around began to run to help her and I joined them. At the hospital, a doctor and a nurse attended to her.


1.)  When did the girl leave home for school? (a) 7 o'clock (b) 12 o'clock (c) 4 o'clock

2.)  Who tried to run across the road? (a) a little girl (b) neighbours (c) Bayo

3.)  Who hit her? (a) bus (b) motorcycle (c) tricycle

4.)  Who attended to her at the hospital?

(a) farmer and doctor (b) doctor and nurse (c) teacher and student

5.)  Who took the girl to the hospital

(a) people around her     (b) her friend at school          (c) her mother

Section B: Grammar

Circle the number adjectives  

6.)  He has seven toys

7.)  The third car has broken

8.)  She took one meat for her meal


Complete the sentences with the correct adjective

9.)  The man is _______________ (a) fat    (b) round     (c) big

10.)   His leg are ____________ (a) round     (b) fat     (c) hot

11.)   He has a ___________ head (a) smooth     (b) big     (c) nice


Write is or are in the space provided

12.)   Sade ______________ my best friend (is,    are)

13.)   The boys _______________ in the camp (is,   are)

14.)   Our tents ______________ large (is,    are)



Write was or were in the space provided

15.)   There ____________ many people also (were,     was)

16.)   Chidi _________ happy (was,     were)

17.)   You _________ told to wake up early (was,     were)


Fill in the gap with have or has or had

18.)   He ____________ two uniforms (has,     have)

19.)   I _______________ a new toy (have,   has)

20.)   We ________________ good leaders before (has,  have,  had)

Section C: Literature

A Rainbow Holiday

21.)   Where does Elor live? (a) a big hut   (b) a classroom   (c) a big house

22.)   Elor could see cars and ___________ (a) rat    (b) shop    (c) shorts

23.)   How many colours has a rainbow (a) 18   (b) 9   (c) 7

24.)   The kids were __________ to see the rainbow (a) glad   (b) sad   (c) no idea

25.)   The kids were all asked to go to ________ (a) the park (b) school (c) see the rainbow


Section D: Composition

A _____________________ is a place where we live (a) home (b) farm

I live with ____________________ (a) animals (b) my family members

My home is in a ________________ (a) town (b) village

There are ___________________ rooms, a kitchen and a toilet (a) 10 (b) 2 (c) 5

It has _______________________ compound (a) big   (b) small





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