Some Nigerian Band Musicians

Subject : music
Topic : Some Nigerian Band Musicians 
Class : PRIMARY Two 
Ref Book : New Basic Musical Knowledge For Primary Schools, Book Two 
Behavioral Objectives : At the end of the lesson, pupils should should be able to mention at least five Nigerian Band Musicians 

Content : The pupils have been listening to various Nigerian musicians on band but they hardly can say the names of these band musician leaders. 

The teacher should should ask the pupils to sing any song and ask the pupils who was the band leader of that musical group. 

In Nigeria we have so many band musical leaders but the most prominent ones among them are 

1. King Sunny Ade 

2. Chief Ebenezer Obey 

3. Chief Osita Osadebe 

4. Oliver de Coque 

5. Onyeka Onwenu

6. Sunny Okosun 

7. Oluwatosin Oyebanjo of Onyema Music 


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