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Thursday, April 18, 2019




1.)  Disobeying rules and regulations brings (a) punishment   (b) awards   (c) promotion

2.)  Civic education help us to understand our government (a) maybe   (b) true   (c) false

3.)  It is the duty of people to behave in an orderly way (a) true   (b) false   (c) maybe

4.)  Civic education allows people to live in peace with one another

(a) I don't know   (b) true   (c) false

5.)  The hospital is a place where we eat food (a) true   (b) false   (c) I don't know

6.)  The home where orphan children are taken care of is called ____

(a) School   (b) farm   (c) orphanage home

7.)  Is it good to give to the poor (a) if you like   (b) true   (c) false

8.)  What is occupation (a) the work we do   (b) food we eat   (c) our mothers

9.)  _______ is a place of knowledge (a) bank   (b) school   (c) parties

10.)   Help an elder to carry his or her load as a sign of respect

(a) true   (b) false   (c) if you like

11.)   We put waste paper into the ______

(a) waste bin   (b) under your locker   (c) corner of the class

12.)   Neatness is very important (a) True   (b) False   (c) maybe

13.)   Harmful ______ are dangerous drug (a) leg   (b) mouth   (c) drug

14.)   It is good to visit and pray for the sick (a) true   (b) false   (c) maybe

15.)   Greeting is a sign of respect (a) true   (b) false   (c) I don't know

16.)   _______ is my country (a) Ghana   (b) America   (c) Nigeria

17.)   Well-behaved pupils must not ______ (a) greet   (b) tell lies (c) listen

18.)   We must sweep our surrounding everyday (a) True   (b) False   (c) If I like

19.)   ______ is used in sweeping the floors (a) rake   (b) hoe   (c) broom

20.)   Why must we keep our bodies clean

(a) to avoid skin diseases   (b) to lie   (c) to have odour






Section B:

1.)  Mention four materials that are needed to keep our bodies clean

(a) ________________________________            (b) ________________________________

(c) ________________________________            (d) ________________________________


2.)  Harmful substances are

(a) ________________________________            (b) ________________________________


3.)  Mention two people that gives treatment in the hospital

(a) ________________________________            (b) ________________________________


4.)  Mention two people that we can show kindness to


(b) ________________________________


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