The Many Troubles of Running a School

The many troubles of running a school;

You see of all the jobs in the universe working with children is the hardest.
Especially when it involves educating them..

The school owner looks out for the students, its her primary duty to provide care, supervision, and attention while providing educational services.

The school owner gets sick, nobody cares,
The school owner is broke, well how is that my business?
The school owner is having marital crises; The gossip goes round.
The school owner breaks down; what? How can one be so incompetent and unprofessional.

With growth comes more troubles

She runs around to satisfy her students
She runs around to satisfy her parents
She runs around to satisfy her staff.
Who runs around to satisfy her?
Mr. Nobody!

When accidents happen within the school, 
The parents come for your head.

When staff leaves or misbehave, you have questions to answer.

When a child can't read at age 4. Your curriculum ain't rich enough.

When a child has fever, he has caught an infection in School.

You are a teacher, an administrator, a counsellor, a peacemaker,  a philanthropist, an innovator, a chief security officer and a supervisor. God help you if you fail in your responsibility.

This job is super tough!

Many school owners have lost their identities,
Many are divorced,
Many owe banks,
Many have developed High blood pressure,
Many have died,
Sadly, nobody cares.

It is expected that if you own or run a school you have to be super human,
You have to be perfect.
No mistakes.

Many school owners are troubled,
Make it easier on them...
Do not kill their passion for the job!
Be that parent that cares.

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