CLASS: PRIMARY 3                                                         SUBJECT: ENGLISH LANGUAGE




Ekaete's Sad Experience

Ekaete is a very good girl. She helps her mother to cook every day. After cooking, she serves her father and younger ones. She later washes the dishes and cleans up the kitchen. Her mother is very proud of her.

At her school, her teacher Mr. Ekpenyong loves her for her hard work and honesty. She always writes her notes and does her homework. Her classmates also love her. She is gentle and humble. She shares everything she has with her friends.

One day Ekaete arrived late at home because of a traffic jam. She quickly rushed to the kitchen to prepare the family's supper. After some time, the kerosene in her stove suddenly finished. In her haste to cook for her family on time, she did not turn off the stove before she poured kerosene into its little tank. This caused the stove to burst into flames and burn her.

The last thing she remembered, when she woke up later in the hospital, was a sound like a gun before she fainted. The doctor treated her for the burns she had.

Later, the doctor called Ekaete to his office. He told her that she made a serious mistake by not turning off the stove before she poured Kerosene into it. 

Answer the following questions:

1.)   Who is a good girl ____________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________


2.)   How does she help her mother? __________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________


3.)   Why does her teacher like her? __________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________


4.)   Why do her classmates love her?_________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________


5.)   What was she doing when fire burned her? _________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________


English Grammar

Underline the correct conjunctions in each of the following sentences

6.)   They had to leave early (because,  until) they had another meeting to attend

7.)   You will not be able to solve it (unless,  since) you understand the question

8.)   My brother slept early (so that,  because) he could get up early the next morning

9.)   I like reading story books _____________ I don't like drawing (but,  and)

10.)    Wash your hand (before, both) you touch the body.


Form adjectives from the words given below:

11.)    anger                 __________________________

12.)    use                     __________________________

13.)    health                __________________________

14.)    care                    __________________________

15.)    power                __________________________


Replace the underline word with a suitable verb

Example: Taiwo spoke to his mother in a loud tone  = loudly

16.)    The dancers danced with grace = ________________________

17.)    My brothers go to South East once a year  = _________________________

18.)    The lady took care of the baby with love  = __________________________

19.)    They visit their grandparents once a week = __________________________

20.)    The teacher spoke to them in a serious tone  = _________________________


English Composition

Write composition not more than ten lines on "My Mother"


English Literature: Too Playful to Learn  

1.)   How many times does the bell ring to signal that break is over in Ade's school



2.)   Mention two equipments used  



3.)   Mention three things that were lacking in Ade's village  



4.)   Why do the villagers prefer to have their meals before nightfall



5.)   _____________________________________ was the only thing that mattered in the village




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