CLASS: PRIMARY 5                                  SUBJECT: COMPUTER STUDY


1.)   One of the following companies is an ISP. (a) Nokia (b) Samsung (c) Globacom


2.)   A program used to fight virus on our computer system is called _________

(a) anti-computer                       (b) anti-natal             (c) anti-virus


3.)   Word processing package is an example of _____________

(a) application software (b) flash disk           (c) computer games


4.)   One must ____________ the name or text of a folder before inserting a new one

(a) highlight (b) high dark (c) low light


5.)   Components of computer system are ________________

(a)  hardware, software & humanware  (b) users, software & printer (c) hard, soft & unit


6.)   Backspace _______________________ when pressed

(a) moves the cursor forward   (b) moves the cursor backward      (c) rotate


7.)   The inter-connection of computers within a limited geographical location is ______________ (a) WAN  (b) LAN   (c) MAN


8.)   The section of keyboard that is used to type the alphabets is called ____________

(a) arrow keys                 (b) alpha numeric key                     (c) page up key


9.)   ___________ is a collection of web pages (a) browser (b) website (c) web


10.) ___________ is a section of keyboard (a) numeric key  (b) cap lock key  (c) page up key


11.) A common icon found on the desktop is _______________________

        (a) My Computer     (b) My Documents   (c) All of the above


12.) The mouse works on the screen though its ________  (a) cable  (b) pointer     (c) size


13.) Companies that gives us access to the internet are ______ (a) USB (b) ISP (c) UPS


14.) The full meaning of WWW is __________________________________________________


15.) Space bar key ______________ when pressed

(a) moves the cursor forward   (b) moves the cursor backward     (c) rotate


16.) ______________ is located at the bottom left corner of the desktop screen.

(a)  Gadgets        (b) Start menu           (c) Icons


17.) The moving of objects or folders from place to another is called __________

(a) scaling                        (b) dragging               (c) moving


18.) Humanware are also known as ____________  (a) hardware  (b) users (c) software


19.) The following are examples of special keys on the Keyboard except ___________

(a)  Escape   (b) Caps lock        (c) Arrow key


20.) The pressing and releasing of the left mouse button twice rapidly is known as ___________ (a) double clicking  (b) clicking (c) right click





21.) Microprocessor can also be called a __________ (a) UPS           (b) CPU   (c) VDU


22.) The first page that appear when you switch on your computer is called a ________

(a) screen             (b) desktop                (c) icons


23.) The following are examples of browser except _____

(a)  Internet explorer (b) Mozilla Firefox (c) Page fox


24.) One of the following is an example of search engine (a) Google (b) E-mail (c) G-mail


25.) ISP means _______________________________________________________________

26.) _____________ is a place where all deleted files & documents are kept?

(a) recycle bin                (b) dust bin                (c) waste bin


27.) _____________ allows us to send receive mails via the internet.

(a) e-mail             (b) hyperlink                         (c) downloading


28.) The black line that blinks on our monitor screen is called _______(a) cursor (b) arrow (c) line

29.) The use of internet to commit fraud is known as _____

(a)  café fraud (b) cyber fraud (c) film fraud


30.) _______ are small pictures on the desktop, which represent different folders, files and programs. (a) cursor (b) icons (c) taskbar


Section B

1.)   Mention two things required to use the internet

(a) ________________________________            (b) ________________________________


2.)   Highlight the steps in shutting down a computer   



b.) State two ways which people abuse the internet

(a) _____________________________________________________________________

(b) _____________________________________________________________________


3.)   State two uses of the internet

(a) _____________________________________________________________________

(b) _____________________________________________________________________


b.) Mention two examples of search engines

(a) ________________________________            (b) ________________________________


4.)   Describe the steps to create a folder on a desktop


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